Fuel at preferential rates and pre-paid
All hangar owners and flying club members can make use of the Pre-paid Fuel System at a preferential fuel price.

Please see details below.

Kitty Hawk Pre-Paid Fuel Scheme Membership

Members of the Kitty-Hawk Pre-Paid Fuel Scheme can get fuel on a pre-paid basis. Scheme membership is open to Kitty Hawk hangar owners and tenants.

To join the Kitty Hawk Flying Club or the fuel scheme, contact the Kitty Hawk office.
Telephone (012) 802 0942, email office@kitty-hawk.co.za

If your application is successful, you will be allocated a “KH” number to be used as a reference when depositing payments and refuelling. Membership of the fuel scheme itself is free.

All payments must be deposited in to the bank account below:
Account name: Kitty Hawk
Bank: First National Bank
Account nr: 6246 1240 089
Branch name: Church Square
Branch code: 251 445
Payment Reference: KH (Your Membership number) (Your Surname)
(e.g. KH123 Jones or KH123 Fly Safe)

An initial deposit of a minimum of R4 000 is required to open your account.

The minimum payment allowed to top up your account is R1 500.

Address any queries to Irmarie Jooste, office@kitty-hawk.co.za  

A record of your account will be kept at the fuel station. Allow a few (3) working days for the payment to reflect on our bank statement and to be added to your records.

No cash or credit card purchases shall be allowed at the membership discount price.

No membership fuel statements are sent out.

No-one may purchase fuel on credit. If your account balance is negative, you must purchase fuel at the public price and pay using a credit card or cash.

Only members may purchase fuel in containers. The member must sign a disclaimer and may not purchase more than 400 litres per month in containers. This is to be arranged in advance with the airport manager.

The Chairman of Trustees
Kitty Hawk Body Corporate
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