Treatment for ITB

A thorough evaluation by a physiotherapist will ensure that the cause of the injury is identified before treatment is prescribed.

Treatment may include any of the following: re-alignment, massage, mobilisation of the joints, or strengthening exercises.

Strapping can also be used to decrease pain and may speed up the recovery process.

A "simple" ITB injury can usually be cleared up within two or three treatments, with a follow-up rehabilitation programme to correct muscle imbalances. This may take longer if the injury has been persistent and left untreated. The body has a series of adaptive strategies that may complicate the diagnosis and treatment.

In short:

  • It is unlikely that ITB will heal by itself.
  • Rest alone will offer temporary relief, but the injury will return if the cause remains.
  • Incorporate strength training.
  • See your physiotherapist for treatment and advice.

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