Tips when choosing a physiotherapist

Veteran Comrades athlete Nikki Campbell has gained some valuable lessons from many years of running. Here we share her advice for those that may have missed it from a previous newsletter.

She offers some pointers runners should consider when choosing a physiotherapist.

When battling with a sports injury it makes sense to see a physiotherapist who has a special interest in sport injuries.

You can also find a physiotherapist through recommendations from friends or fellow runners.

It helps if the physiotherapist also runs or understands runners.

If you are happy with your physiotherapist / physiotherapy practice, stick with them. This gives the physiotherapist an opportunity to get to know your history. When I see my physiotherapist with a new injury she knows my background and can get to the bottom of what’s causing my discomfort sooner.

Physiotherapists are not miracle workers. It is important that you listen to your physiotherapist. If your physiotherapist allows you to run while you are injured, don’t do more than what they allow.

Be honest about your injury. The truth has a painful way of surfacing (usually during physiotherapy).

One last bit of advice. I know, runners only stretch when they are injured, but try making a habit of “warming” up your muscles before you start. Your physiotherapist can prescribe the best stretches for you.

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