When pain becomes a chronic condition

When an injury has completely healed, but the pain remains, the problem may be due to a miscommunication from the brain.

The brain may be amplifying information from the injured part with the result that the area may still feel sensitive.

This is an example of what is called Central Sensitivity associated with chronic pain.

People who experience chronic pain tend to protect the painful part by restricting movement. This, in turn, may cause muscles to weaken and tighten and further inhibit movement!

The brain also responds by further sensitising the injured area even though there is no longer any danger or threat to the tissue.

Patients experiencing these symptoms may now need the help of a physiotherapist to get them moving normally again and to help relieve the pain experienced.

Physiotherapists understand that you can have pain symptoms even when the injury has completely healed and can guide you back to recovery without fear of causing additional injury or damage.

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