Movement and exercise to alleviate pain

Movement and exercise can help alleviate pain.

Exercise can alleviate pain through the release of endorphins. Endorphins are the body’s natural painkillers and they are 50 times stronger than any other pain-relieving drugs currently in use. The key to this highly effective painkiller is to understand which types of exercise are best to do.

Aerobic exercise may be prescribed for some, while others may benefit from strength training. Your physiotherapist can evaluate your situation and prescribe the best exercises and activities for you with the ultimate aim to help you return to optimum movement and function.

For further information and for a complete list of physiotherapists with a special interest in pain management, visit the Pain Management Physiotherapy Group (PMPG) website here.

The PMPG has also distributed several good books to local libraries such as Explain Pain, Painful Yarns, or The Happiness Trap.

Find them at your local library or contact us via our website.

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