Easy tell-tale signs of back pain in horses

Here are a few common tell-tale signs that your horse may be in pain.

  • Sudden change in behaviour towards the job he is required to do, for example:

Not wanting to jump over the obstacle he jumped over yesterday.
Not wanting to do certain movements in dressage she did before.
Not wanting to trot out freely and forward as he usually does.
Feeling different on the one side of the circle as opposed to the other side.

  • Not wanting to be saddled up or groomed.
  • Very common: dipping her back while you are trying to mount .
  • A change in his mood from being happy to see you, to wanting to bite or kick you.
  • In severe cases of pain she may even lose condition and stop eating.

If your horse is feeling or acting differently, but is not lame, it is worth considering whether he may have some form of back pain.

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