The common causes of back pain

Often the cause of your horse's back pain is staring you in the face. If it is eliminated, the pain will be reduced.

Some possible causes of back pain:

You! Make sure your posture and balance is the best it can be. You sit on your horse and he has to balance both himself and you. Give him the best chance you can to do so. If you have back pain or muscle imbalances yourself, go to your physiotherapist and get it sorted out. A well-aligned and strong rider can do a lot to help their horse perform to the best of his ability.

Poorly fitted saddles. It is a huge misconception that 'one size fits all'. Do you use someone else’s gym or running shoes? No! A saddle must be fitted to your horse's back form and structure.

Teeth. Yes, your horse's teeth may be sharp, putting uncomfortable strain on the bit and causing her to hollow away from the pain in her mouth, thus putting strain on the back. This would apply to an incorrect bit too. Sometimes a harsher bit will make your horse run faster.

Unbalanced and poorly looked-after feet. This can cause leg, tendon, and joint problems that make him pull up his back in pain, so that he goes lame and moves incorrectly.

Training, the all-too-common 'too much too fast'. Just as with human athletes, introduce your horse slowly to a change in training programme or method.

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