Edition 4
Kitty Hawk Development Program on track

Welcome to the first newsletter for 2016! In this issue we bring you an update on the Kitty Hawk Development Programme, announce the names of our new trustees, and invite you to join us on a trip to Oshkosh.

Also, a word of thanks to Nico Burger for the stunning photographs and write-up of his recent trip.

Rezoning to be completed
I am happy to report that we expect the rezoning initiative at Kitty Hawk to be completed by the end of June this year.

As mentioned earlier, the successful rezoning of Kitty Hawk will unlock the development of an additional 33 hangars at Kitty Hawk. The income generated from this project will provide Kitty Hawk with funding going forward.

New trustees and portfolios
I would like to congratulate and welcome our new trustees for 2016. We look forward to working together. Click here for the names and portfolios of the new trustees.

Weather station
Our onsite weather station is in working order again and can provide you with all the weather information you need.

Lastly, I thought it would be great for more of our members to visit Oshkosh this year. See more detail about the Oshkosh trip below.

As always, we welcome your contributions and would love to hear from you!

Kind Regards,

Frank van Heerden
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