Common misconceptions about Workmen’s compensation

The most common misconception is that the employee will receive a monetary payment for the injury. This is only in severe cases of disability.

If any monetary payment is made, it will be calculated according to the level of disability. It is usually not a substantial amount and can take a few years to process and finalise. We encourage employees to return to work, since the financial benefit is much greater when remaining employed.

The employer is only responsible for providing the employee with transport to the first doctor’s appointment after the injury. Thereafter, the employer may expect the employee to make use of their own transport/ public transport, unless they live far away from the nearest and best hospital. In such a case the employer can claim the expenses back by completing the transport form (WCl.69).

The employer can also request that the employee attends his or her medical appointments in their lunch breaks or off time, or take this time as leave.

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