Dear Member,
Hitting the ground running in 2015

It might be a little belated to wish you all a wonderful and prosperous 2015, but the good wishes are nonetheless heartfelt!
When you receive this issue of Heads-Up you would no doubt have heard the news that WheelsWeb (also known as the IDA Group of Companies) has found a new home in Lightstone.

We are excited about this deal, which offers many benefits and opportunities for all the parties involved, including our members, and bring you more detail about Lightstone and the rationale behind the move in this issue.

The year certainly has started off on quite a frenetic pace, except where it comes to the implementation of the FAIS amendments, which has been postponed until the end of June 2015, but more about that later.

The IDA is in the final process determining the number of members not registered with MIBCO. This was done via our sales force during November/December 2014.  We envisage to make contact on a one on one basis or group discussions with the non-registered members to inform them of the dangers of not being registered as well as the advantages for registering themselves and their employees. We are well aware of the consequences facing the non-registered members and we are in negotiations for a possible solution in this regard.

Last, but certainly not least, I would like to reaffirm the IDA's commitment to you, our valued member. Even though there are many changes happening, I can assure you that the Association will continue to operate independently as it has always done and that our entire team is there to support you in your business endeavours as best we can.

Kind regards, and all the best until next time,

Pieter Wessels
CEO IDA Group of Companies

A new era for the IDA Group of Companies
Lightstone Group (which is part of the wider Halls Group) has acquired WheelsWeb Group (also referred to as the IDA Group of Companies).

Who is Lightstone?

Lightstone is a majority held subsidiary of HL Hall and Sons (Halls), a family-owned business founded in 1890. Halls was essentially a farming business until the 1980s, but has since diversified into downstream agri-business, technology, property development, student accommodation, pharmaceuticals and life insurance.

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'Why do I have to pay the MIOSA?'
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IDA Online: How to sell more cars
IDA Online is growing in leaps and bounds, but to achieve real success, you need to stick to some basic principles of effective marketing. We share some tips on how to get IDA online to work for you.

The lighter side of travel
With the year off to a flying start, we bring good news on the latest development in air travel.
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