More than just a bath
Did you know that you can combine a relaxing bath with some stretching and toning?

While you are soaking, take a few deep breaths to open up the ribs. You should see the abdomen rise and fall as the diaphragm contracts and relaxes. You are now ready for a few easy exercises that can be performed in the bath. Be careful of slipping, though, and don’t perform any exercises that may put you at risk of injury.

Lower body exercises
  • Curl and stretch the toes.
  • Now move your ankles up and down under the water.
  • Move your ankles in circles inwards and outwards.
  • Bend one knee and straighten, repeat to the other side.
  • Roll the whole straight leg inwards and outwards from the hip, repeat to the other side.
  • Tighten and relax the buttocks.
  • Bend one knee and draw that knee over the other leg to stretch the back, repeat to the other side.

Upper body exercises

  • Open and close the fingers under the water, spreading the fingers.
  • Now move the wrists in circles inwards and outwards.
  • Roll the lower arms inwards and outwards.
  • Bend and stretch the elbows.

Neck, shoulder and other exercises
  • Lift one arm out of the water and try to touch the side of your neck, repeat on the other side.
  • Sit up, move the shoulders up and down to loosen up those neck knots.
  • Then rotate the upper body right and left slowly.
  • Rotate the neck carefully from side to side, then stretch the neck sideways, ear towards the shoulder. Stop any neck exercises if you feel dizzy.
  • Sitting, open bent knees, slump forward then straighten up, lifting the arms out of the water and drawing the abdomen inwards as if the belly button is moving towards the spine.
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