SuperSpark to the rescue

Concerned Compliance Officer (CCO) from Coligny wrote to SuperSpark to raise his concern about the Regstrack system and the dealer stock of vehicles.

SuperSpark replies:

Dear CCO,

Thank you for your concern. It has come to my attention that some dealers using the Regstrack system do not dealer stock their vehicles. We are aware of the fact that the system currently lacks the function to dealer stock and I would like to urge dealers using the system to still dealer stock their vehicles, as this is a requirement as per the Second Hand Goods Act as well as the Road Traffic Act.

I would hate to see one of our members receiving a hefty fine or even put their Registration as a Second Hand Goods Dealer at risk by “bypassing” this important process in the audit trail.

I was informed that they are working on this functionality and it should be launched in the near future.

All the best, until next time... gotta fly!


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