Kitty Hawk Development Programme
As previously, reported the hangar owner’s survey provided the trustees with great input as to the priorities for the Kitty Hawk development program. Thanks to Eddie’s efforts we enjoyed participation in excess of 80 percent. We will publish the comprehensive report on the website.

Hendri is spearheading our rezoning initiatives and, albeit slow, progress is being made. In a nutshell the successful re-zoning of Kitty Hawk will unlock further development opportunities for hangars at Kitty Hawk. The funds generated from this project will provide funding for the various developmental initiatives.

Finally, short-term funding is required for the rehabilitation of the Kitty Hawk roads and a number of smaller but necessary projects. To wait for re-zoning will simply not be ideal. To this end the trustees will debate the short-term priorities and the funding by way of a special levy. We will communicate the details in due course.

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