Edition 2
Welcome to the second issue of Flying FanMail

We have a number of events and activities to fill you in on since the publication of the first edition.

February was indeed a very sad month for Kitty Hawk, as Hans Petr and his son Alexander were tragically killed in an aircraft accident at Parys. The memorial service held at Hans’s hangar was attended by many friends and was indeed a moving, emotional service. Our thoughts remain with Anouka, Thomas, the Petr and Haese families.

Misasa Day
A very successful Misasa Day was once again hosted by Kitty Hawk on 7 February and, by all accounts, a great time was had by all. Thanks to Dawie, Nigel, Wilma and the teams for hosting and supporting the Misasa organising committee. Click here for some photos of the day.

Once again our thanks go to Dawie and the team for maintaining high standards of housekeeping at Kitty Hawk. We receive many compliments on the neatness and friendliness of the staff at KH.

Please let us have your input
Our request for input in this publication was unfortunately not good. We only had one response from Wouter. Thanks Wouter! Please feel free to mail me here for any comments or suggestions you may have.

Please visit the Kitty Hawk website and view the two new web-cameras. This welcome addition provides helpful images on weather conditions and activity at Kitty Hawk.

Safe flying,

Frank van Heerden
Kitty Hawk development program  
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Kitty Hawk Calendar  
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Life’s a Laugh  
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