SAPS Aviation Policing says thank you

Mr Karl Jensen wrote to the management of Kitty Hawk to thank them for their efforts with the SAPS Aviation Policing training exercise.

He writes

Dear Frank and the Trustees of Kitty Hawk,

I extend my grateful thanks to you for suggesting we make use of Kitty Hawk for the SAPS Aviation Policing training exercise today. You have a gracious team that showed us nothing but generosity and kindness today. I do believe that we are collectively making a marked contribution to creating a good relationship between our general aviation community and the SAPS section who are charged with security and inspection especially at ports of entry to the country and airfields such as Kitty Hawk and similar sized airfields around the country.

This is the second time I’ve had the honour of being involved in one of these exercises which I do entirely voluntarily. I believe using Kitty Hawk which has a definable relaxed and friendly atmosphere, makes the complex learning process of aircraft searching and documentation inspection a pleasant experience. As SAPS Major Willie Naude said at the end of the activities at the airfield today, a practical exercise as we held today means infinitely more for the trainees than trying to swot the procedures from a manual.

Thank you Frank for your generous financial contribution to the refreshments and catering for the trainees and tutors - they were consumed with relish and not a crumb remained.

Athol Franz from African Pilot was present to record the exercise as well as Willie Bodenstein from Pilot’s Post (they had 96,000 hits last month) and I believe the publicity we have generated will be invaluable for Kitty Hawk and for the EAA. This was not the purpose of the efforts but I believe a just reward for the input. Willie has indicated that will feature the event in his Monday publication.

It will be appreciated if you would pass my compliments and grateful thanks to Eddie Viljoen, Dawie Pretorius, Nigel Musgrave and Tiaan Lombard who made aircraft available for inspection and assisted in guiding the group around the airfield. There were two other gentlemen with Tiaan, whose names I cannot recall who also assisted, who need to be told of my appreciation please. Wilma Fourie and her team are really lovely people and I know that after many happy flying visits to Kitty Hawk are responsible for the fine reputation of the catering facility which we experienced again today - a big thanks is due to them too.”

Kind regards,

Karl Jensen

A special word of thanks also goes out to Nick from Superb Flight Training (SFT) for making his fixed wing aircraft available and Eddie for his helicopter. A special thanks to Jaco from SFT for his participation and assistance - Frank.

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