Safety is everyone’s concern

Kitty Hawk’s safety officer urges members to take heed of the following important information.

Flight plans
There have been various instances in recent months where pilots have filed flight plans terminating at KH, but the S & R part of the FP was not cancelled.

Please be aware that should S & R be activated because it was not cancelled, you will be responsible for the cost thereof.

Remember you can cancel just before landing by radio or after you have landed with a simple call from your mobile phone.

Please be aware of wildlife
This time of year seems to have brought some game and bird life to our runway. Please be aware of this and on the lookout when using the runway.

Aerobatic practice
Aerobatic practice often occurs on the western side of KH. Please be considerate and accommodate them.

Aerobatic box
All pilots flying around Kitty Hawk, please take note that the Aerobatic Box on the Western side of Kitty Hawk is active most Saturdays and often during the week.

Should there be any aerobatic activities, do not fly overhead to decent on the western side as this will conflict. We suggest that pilots flying in for landing remain to the Eastern side of the runway at all times.

For Pilots routing overhead please listen out on 120.65 and also remain east as the height of the box can extend up to Fl 090 on certain days.

All aerobatic flight will broadcast their intention (if possible) on 125.40 during the climb. Only SAC members with valid aerobatic ratings are able to make use of the aerobatic box as per the Rules and Regs of the SAC.

For any further info please PM.

The SAFETY at KH depends on all who use the facility - both on the ground and in the air. Please remember AIRMANSHIP and fly safely.


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