Don’t get caught this Silly Season

As the Silly Season approaches, we should be even more aware of fraud all around us, writes Barry Louw.

Fraud exists everywhere and while no one can eliminate fraud completely, there are some measures we can take to prevent us from becoming a victim of fraud. Be aware of the following:

Movement in and around your premises
Strange objects lying around, suspicious vehicles parked in viewing sight of your premises. People watching your business from a distance.

Access to keys
Keys should be locked away and out of sight. Vehicles need to be parked in a controlled and safe area and locked.

Laptops, cell phones and other assets, such as spares, should be locked away and not left unattended.

Body language
Be aware of suspicious body language of people approaching you, such as nervousness, fiddling, excessive perspiring, avoiding eye contact, etc.

Check the following documentation carefully

Identification documents: ID Books, ID Cards and Passports and the validity thereof.

Driving licence: Cards or temporary licence issues and the validity thereof.

Payslips: Printed or manual, rounded figures, UIF, tax and totals, fonts etc.

Bank statements: Do the amounts tally; withdrawals in quick succession, do the fees and charges make sense, line-up, fonts, and any debit orders.

Financial institutions offer the following fraud prevention indicators:

Deposits, EFTs and cash: Check the validity of the documents and the origin of funds.

Contracts and documents: Missing signatures may indicate that the fraudster is in a hurry to leave the premises.

Deal files: Missing documents may indicate fraud or theft, or hiding the truth.

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