SuperSpark explains CPA warranties and repairs

Dear SuperSpark,

“We sold a vehicle to a customer in June 2017. This vehicle developed a transmission problem two months later. As this breakage was still covered under the CPA warranty, we outsourced the repairs (which carried a 6-month warranty on workmanship and spares replaced).

“During January 2018 this same vehicle developed an engine problem. The customer insisted that we repair the engine as he believed that the 6-month CPA warranty was automatically extended (due to the October repair).

“Are we liable for the engine repair?”

SuperSpark replies:

Dear Jake,

Your customer is in the wrong. The CPA does not cater for any extension of the warranty. The only warranty in place is the warranty on the repairs that were done during October 2017 – which will expire in March 2018.

The case of Ace Motors comes to mind. A customer had the engine of the vehicle he had bought from the dealership replaced a few months after purchase. Some five months thereafter, the second engine also developed a problem.

The customer could, however, not rely on the original six-month warranty as it had long since elapsed.

Click here for more details and the ruling on the case.

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