E-hints and tips for healthy living | July 2012
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July is a sports blockbuster month

Sports enthusiasts are spoilt for choice this July with international sporting events such as Wimbledon, the Tour de France, and the Olympics and Paralympics in London.

And while physiotherapists encourage physical activity, they caution those inspired by some of the world's top athletes, not to do too much too soon.

Stuck behind a desk for most of the day? You can still incorporate some movement during the time you spend at work – we tell you how.

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The South African Society of Physiotherapy
Ease into it
With so many exciting sporting events held during the month of July, many will become inspired to take up some exercise.  However, easy does it...
Your body is designed to move
Many office workers spend most of their day in one position carrying out repetitive tasks.
Staying healthy at work
It is important to set your workstation up in the most ergonomic position possible in order to ensure good health.
Streeetching it out
Some simple stretches can relieve tight muscles and increase blood flow.
The lighter side of life
Laughter is life's best medicine. 
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